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What’s Happening!

Hey Everyone,

It is a little hard to write this, but I need to be honest with my readers, so here it is…honesty.

I have been slacking on this website for a while now. Whether it was sickness, website issues, or life in general. It isn’t fair to everyone expecting deals everyday to come and find nothing.

I have decided to step away for a few weeks from the website and reset myself. I am truthfully burned out. Not over deals, but with everything happening in life right now. I feel like with all the personal stuff, I am drowning in a pool of water and I need to take a moment to breathe and come back better and stronger.

This doesn’t mean I am quitting–I. just. need. to. breathe.

In my personal life, I need to straighten out a few things and fix myself a little to be refreshed and better for everyone around me –at home and on the website. For the website, I think I am going to regain myself and go back to do some blogging courses to find my spark again, make a few changes, and be better than ever. I will however be posting on Amazon Prime Day on our Facebook Page!

Please say a few prayers for me as I find me again and thank you for being loyal.


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