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RECALL ALERT: Recall on ClickTight Car Seats

RECALL ALERT: Recall on ClickTight Car Seats


The following Consumer Advisories and/or Safety Recalls have been issued for select Advocate ClickTight, Boulevard ClickTight, & Marathon ClickTight Car Seats. Get complete information Here

The following model numbers are affected:

Advocate ClickTight

  • E9LT95Q
  • E9LT95Z
  • E9LT95N
  • E1A025Q
  • E9LV55N
  • E9LV55Q
  • E9LV55Z
Boulevard ClickTight

  • E9LT86F
  • E1A135Q
  • E9LT86G
  • E9LT85Q
  • E9LT86A
  • E9LT86H
  • E9LT85S
  • E1A015Q
  • E1A016A
  • E1A016H
  • E1A166F
  • E9LT87J
  • E9LV45Q
  • E9LV45S
  • E9LV46A
  • E9LV46H
Marathon ClickTight

  • E1A116L
  • E9LT76P
  • E9LT71Q
  • E9LT76N
  • E9LT76B
  • E9LT75R
  • E9LT76L
  • E1A006B
  • E1A005R
  • E9LV31Q
  • E9LV35R
  • E9LV36B
  • E9LV36L
  • E9LV36N

If your seat meets the requirements of this recall please contact consumer services at

image: chrome-extension://lifbcibllhkdhoafpjfnlhfpfgnpldfl/call_skype_logo.png

888-427-4829 FREE or email at britax.recall@britax.com.

In order to be informed directly whether your product has been involved in a safety advisory or recall, be sure to register your product.

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