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How To Use a $10 off $10 To The Max at Staples + J...

How To Use a $10 off $10 To The Max at Staples + Jailee’s Couponing Trip


Do you have a Staples Rewards Card?  If not, GET ONE!! One of my favorite things about the Staples Rewards is the $10 off any $10 purchase.  Yes, there are disclaimers and exclusions.  No electronics, printers, printer ink, etc.  The biggest one I hate is it can’t be on sale either!  When the K-Cups aren’t on sale, I usually can get a box for $1.99.  This past week when I went, the K-Cups was on sale, so I had to go in search of some other items.  Here are a couple of examples of how you can get to your $10 threshold:



You can also get multiple products to reach the threshold also, which is what I did this round.  Here’s what I did:



Bought 1 Swiss Miss Milk Chocolate Hot Chocolate Packets, $7.99, regular price
Bought 1 Staples Ballpoint Pens, 12 count, $2.49, regular price
Used one $10.00 off a $10.00 Purchase
♥Final Price: $0.48



Each month these coupons come via mail.  This is how I score items I usually can’t use with a coupon for over 90% off retail price!

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