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How Ibotta Works

Cash back on everyday purchases!


Want to see Ibotta in action? Check out their video here.


Step 1: Add Rebates to your Account

  1. Once you’ve downloaded Ibotta and completed registration, open the Ibotta app to begin. (Not registered? Please register here.)
  2. Log in using your information. Select your favorite stores and apps if you haven’t done so already.
  3. Find rebates! On your Featured Screen, you can browse through suggested rebates at some of your favorite retailers.
  4. Complete one or more fun tasks to add rebates to your account.
  5. The more rebates you add, the more cash you can get back!

[Tip: Rebates expire so don’t forget to redeem them before they’re gone!]

Step 2: Go Shopping
After adding rebates to your account, they will be added to your My Rebates list. Buy these items at over 300 retailers where Ibotta works. Some rebates are retailer exclusive, so be sure to check your favorite retailers prior to shopping.
[Tip: Be sure to check the rebate details and exclusions to make sure you purchase the correct item.]
Step 3: Redeem
Ibotta users receive credit for eligible and successful redemptions within 48 hours. Depending on the retailer, there are three ways to redeem rebates:

1. Manual Receipt Submission:

    • Tap “Redeem” on the Navigation Bar. Select the appropriate Retailer.
    • Take clear photos of your receipt and select any eligible rebates.
    • Some of our supported retailers will require you to scan a QR code (i.e. Best Buy) or receipt barcode (i.e. Marc’s) in order to redeem your rebates.
    • If prompted, scan the barcodes of your selected products.

[Tip: For an understanding of the requirements for manual receipt submission, click here. For sending long receipts, click here.]

2. Preferred Partner/Loyalty Card Submission: 

    • With specific retailers, users must connect their loyalty card and add rebates to their Ibotta account prior to shopping.
    • Users will automatically receive credit for successful redemptions within 48 hours. For more information on loyalty card submissions, please visit here.

3. Mobile Shopping Submission:

    • Our Mobile Shopping retailers allow for in-app or app-to-app purchases. You will not need to send us a receipt but we do encourage users to hold on to the confirmation email until the rebate has completed.
    • For more information on Mobile Shopping rebates, visit here.
 Step 4: Earn Cash!
The best part about Ibotta is that you earn real money, not points or other made-up currencies. What you see is what you get! To withdraw cash from your account, follow instructions here.