Giant Raincheck Policy Change on 2/17/20!

Giant Raincheck Policy Change on 2/17/20!

Giant shoppers, we have a new policy change that we would like to share with you. We were able to gather all of the information that you need for the new policy change.

Giant have made changes and updated their policy for rain checks and here is the updated Rain Check Policy starting 2/17:

On Monday, 2/17/20, we will be updating our rain check policy to align with similar policies from other retailers.
Currently, rain checks have a 10-item limit and no expiration.
Beginning Monday 2/17/20, this will be adjusted to a 6-item limit and 30-day expiration (with some exceptions)

Giant websites will be updated with the following:
Rain check can be issued in the event an advertised item is out of stock. This includes weekly sale items, as well as multi-week sale items.
Expire after 30 days (exception for long-term out of stocks)
Rain checks are limit to six items, unless otherwise stated. Requests for more than six must be approved by the Store Manager or designate.
Exception for items advertised as a higher quantity-example 10/$10
Note: The Store Manager has the right to limit the quantity issued for any rain check.

Rain checks expire 30 days after being issued:
If a rain check expires prior to the store restocking the item, then the store must extend to when the item is restocked.

A rain check is a one-time purchase certificate.
Rain checks can be redeemed at any location.
Rain check issued prior to 2/17 will be honored according to the previous limits (10 items, no expiration)

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