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Welcome to the You Saved How Much Couponing Classes!!  I am excited to be sharing my couponing mind with you.  If you think extreme couponing is for crazy people, let me prove you wrong by showing you how to spend a few hours a week and save big on your family needs.  How much you spend and save is totally up to you!!  I am here just to show you how coupons work, the ‘rules’ of coupons, how to be organized, and even take you shopping with my multi-series classes!!  Check out my facts:

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What will I learn in these classes?

  • All About The Anatomy of a Coupon
  • No More Last Minute Runs To The Store
  • No More Shopping at Wholesale Clubs
  • No More Shopping Regardless of Prices
  • Organized Shopping Lists
  • Cooking Only According to What’s On Sale
  • Visit Multiple Stores & Will Be Saving 50% – 90%
  • Shopping w/ Coupons While It’s On Sale
  • Stocking Up When It’s Free or Cheap


What is the One Night of Couponing Class?

For one night, we jam in as much couponing information in one class.  You also receive a packet of information along with a beginner’s binder!  These classes are typically two hours long and cost around $20, depending if we team up with a business or not.



What is the multi-series class?

We will be having three classes in our multi-series class.  I will get into great detail about savvy shopping and how you can achieve it. I have all the information you need broke down in these four classes:

  • Class One- Learn the anatomy of the coupon.  I will personally teach you the lingo and how to use a coupon to its maximum use.  I will show you the rules and the ins and outs of the game.  We also discuss what a stockpile is and how to do one.  The yes’ and no’s of extreme couponing. The key of organization.  We will create your own starter binder too.
  • Class Two-  We will be discussing how to plan a shopping trip, how to spot a deal, and we will be finding deals at a selected store of your choosing.
  • Class Three-  We, and a small group, will be meeting at the store.  We will be walking around the store with your preplanned shopping list finding the deals and checking out at the register.All you will need to bring during these classes is you and some coupons!!  There will also be some fun freebie prizes too!!

When, Where, and How Much is the Multi-Series classes?

Please check out our calendar for the places and times of each of our classes. You can click here to view the times and dates..

Our classes vary by price. This fee helps cover the costs of the rentals and supplies only. For this price, you will getting money-saving information, a starter binder, and personal shopping experience.  We will have the prices listed by our calendar.  The multi-series classes are $30.00, if you reserve online w/ a $5.00 non-refundable deposit.  You can either pay the $5.00 online or the entire amount.  If you choose to pay at the door without reservation, the cost is $35.00.

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Do you do single classes or private classes?


I do!! If your business is interested in hosting a couponing class, please get ahold of me at for more information!



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This coupon class is copyrighted by You Saved How Much© since 2014.  Anyone who performs these classes without Jailee Singer or Jailee Singer’s permission is violating the copyright of these classes.


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