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What is You Saved How Much?

How Did it Start?

You Saved How Much started quite by accident. I was into extreme couponing and my friends and coworkers wanted to know how I did it.  After my coworkers and I got in trouble at work for, “talking too much about couponing, because couponing is stupid,”  I decided for my New Years Resolution to start a Facebook group to show them how I did it.  I decided to challenge myself by doing a coupon journey.  I was allowing myself only $20.00 to get my household needs each week at the local stores, but mainly at drugstores.  I honestly didn’t think I could do it, but I did.  I was actually EXCELLENT at it and it grew from there! What once my former boss called “stupid” and a “waste of my time,” ended up becoming a career path.  You Saved How Much was born!


How Did The Name Happen?

When talking about my coupon journey and savings, I was always presented with the expression, “You saved HOW much?”  Thus, You Saved How Much came to be.


Where are you located?


I am a stay at home working mom living in South Central Pennsylvania.  I do teach local couponing classes through various times of the year. With YSHM expanding, I have been adding stores outside of the Central PA area to include everyone in the excitement of saving money.  I firmly believe whether it’s a dollar or a hundred, everyone loves to save money in some way. There is no greater feeling than the disbelief of someone saying, “You Saved HOW Much?” 




About The Woman Behind The Scenes…




Jailee Singer is a mother of two that founded You Saved How Much as a learning tool for friends and family and it grew from there.  She is a stay at home mother of two who dedicates her days of finding the best deals for her readers.  If this country girl isn’t typing up deals or couponing, she is an active scout mom for both boy scouts and girl scouts. She also enjoys gardening, car shows, NFL Football (Go Steelers!) and helping her mother at vendor shows. Her guilty pleasure is eating pizza and watching Gordon Ramsey shows like Master Chef and The Young and the Restless, one of which she has watched as long as she could remember.


You can also spot Jailee about once a month on a local TV Show, Central PA Live.  It airs 4 pm weekdays on WTAJ Channel 10.  Jailee talks about the best money savings tips that she can give.  You can view her tips here!







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