3 Amazing Ways To Save Money In 2017



Did you see our Blogger on Central PA Live today?  Great!!  It’s a new year and time to start saving!!  Now don’t go too crazy too quick!!  This can get overwhelming, but we are here to help you with tips!! Whether you are saving $20, $100, $1,000, $10,000, or whatever you want this year, it’s all in your power.  There are TONS of new way to start saving money!!  We have a few suggestions to help you get started!!




1)  The Coupons



Why we are a couponing blog and this would have to be #1 on our list!! You can find coupons everywhere especially online and the Sunday’s paper!  In addition, we give certain store matchups for each week.  This can help you find a deal on an item that you may need or if you are shopping there, stock up on some items at a really great price!  Just don’t go overboard!! Our suggestion is if you are really into wanting to do the whole couponing tidbit, do one drugstore, grocery store, and supercenter to start!!  Later this winter, will be even having couponing classes!! You can find out a little of what it’s about right here to see if it fits you!

Check Out Store Matchups!

2)  Online Deals


Online shopping is the craze!! Whether you are saving from shopping clearance, or using promo codes, or just scoring a deal, there are many ways to save!! Another option is ebates!! It’s really easy!  Just go to their site and sign up!! Shop from there and earn CASHBACK while you shop!!  Yes, you are getting paid to shop!  Sweet!  Just remember to check out those deals and promo codes while earning that cashback.

Check out our Online Deals!


3)  Cashback or Money Making Apps


There are those kind of apps?  YES!! Let your phone pay you!!  There are a ton of cashback apps that helps you earn money on selected items.  Some that we use is:

These are only a few of many.  Another favorite one we recently found is called MileUp.  This amazing app helps you earn cash by just DRIVING YOUR CAR!!  Insane!! Just have the data on and it will trigger it!! We already have earned a $10 gift card, but will be saving it for a future purpose…like Black Friday Shopping!

Another amazing app that is easy to use is Receipt Hog.  Just upload receipts and earn coins.  These coins will stack up for you to earn money back too!!  Just takes a few moments out of your day!!


One more to add to the list! You can now earn cashback on adult beverages!!  Score the BevRage App today and start earning cashback on those purchases too!!

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